helen davis one pencil co-founder

Helen Elizabeth Davis


Helen has worked in Bolivia since 2005 with the Tsimane people. She began working in Namibia in 2016 within the Kunene region. Helen’s work focuses on education and child development. She began collaborating with Engineers Without Borders in 2009, and began working with Ondao Mobile Schools in 2017. It was this work that led her to establish One Pencil. Helen oversees the Bolivia and Namibia chapters and currently works at Harvard University.


Jason Leiser


Jason co-founded One Pencil after working with the Tsimane in Mision Fatima, Bolivia in 2017. Jason is an attorney who oversees all legal aspects of One Pencil and fundraises in the US.


John Jakurama & Jon Stack

team members

John Jakurama has worked for many years in the Kunene region. An expert in the field, John has worked with researchers, tourists, and as a field guide. His interests in education and support has been vital to our project on the ground in Namibia.

Jon Stack is our project manager. He also works as a field anthropologist, mechanic, surveyor, and has logged extensive hours in the field in both Latin America and Namibia.


Current Board & Committee Members

Research Assistants & Interns